Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Self Destructs His Presidential Campaign!

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer has been hinting very strongly that he plans to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 against Hillary Clinton, if no one else does, or even if others do run.

Well, Brian, you can forget it after your wild, wooly comments to NATIONAL JOURNAL, which did an interview and detailed article on the former Montana Governor, who actually was quite effective in that position, and can have a charming personality.

But Schweitzer totally unraveled, trying to be funny, but really striking out.

He spoke of California Senator Dianne Feinstein as if she was a street walker when she seemed shocked about government spying, when she well knew such was going on, something one could, rightfully, criticize, but NOT in the way that Schweitzer did. Can you imagine if he were President and had to face Feinstein, a senior Democrat, in meetings at the White House?

But even worse, Schweitzer made the statement that Southern men are effeminate in their moves and gestures, and referred to Eric Cantor, the soon to leave House Majority Leader, stating that Schweitzer’s “Gaydar” made him sense the gayness of Southerners, although he said, apparently, Cantor is not gay.

What kind of comment is that to make about anyone, and to label a whole geographical section of men as being that? This is extremely looney behavior, and not funny at all! And imagine having to deal with Southern members of Congress after saying that!

A President must have diplomacy and tact, which Schweitzer, apparently, does not have at all!

Schweitzer might have made an interesting race, but now it is a joke in concept more than ever, even if he chooses to put himself out there!

The best chance, although highly remote, of a politician from “Big Sky Country” being President is now part of history for sure! Suggestion to Brian Schweitzer, disappear, as you have effectively lost any chance of serving in Washington DC for anything in the future, including an appointment to a Cabinet position by a President Hillary Clinton, or any other Democrat! You have blown any chance you had for national service with your big mouth! Be gone!

One comment on “Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer Self Destructs His Presidential Campaign!

  1. D June 20, 2014 5:13 am

    I get the feeling that Montana’s 23rd Governor, who will turn 60 next year, wasn’t interested in national office.

    This ‘slip of the tongue’ or ‘ill-advised remarks’ aren’t the makings from someone who wants to be in Washington, D.C. I think there have been earlier comments by Brian Schweitzer that were swipes against what generally goes on in our nation’s capital. He especially wasn’t high on the U.S. Senate, for which many had wanted to see him run and get elected (with the 2014 hopes of retaining a Democratic-held seat).

    The remark about Virginia congressman Eric Cantor should not have been made. And there should have been better phrasing by Schweitzer of the hypocrisy of California U.S. Sen. and pro-military corporatist Dianne Feinstein.

    I don’t think this so-called ‘loss,” of a viable shot at the presidency or vice-presidency, or that of a Democratic administration’s cabinet position, will be devastating for Schweitzer. And, even though Schweitzer has frequently been quote-worthy, I believe he will learn from this.

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