Hillary Clinton Glows And Shines On CNN And Fox News Channel!

Former Secretary of State, New York Senator, and First Lady Hillary Clinton put on a fantastic performance in a Town Hall on CNN, and a confrontational Fox News interview centered mostly on the Benghazi tragedy in Libya on September 11, 2012, last night.

Clinton proved just how knowledgeable, intelligent, brilliant, and experienced she is in handling challenges, and yet came across as a warm, relaxed, cool, classy person at the same time!

She demonstrated, without question, her qualifications to be our first woman President, if that ends up occurring.

If any conservative or Republican really believes after this performance, that Hillary can be defeated if she is the Democratic nominee, they are truly delusional!

Who qualifies in the Republican Party to compete with Hillary? This author has said many times before that ONLY former Utah Governor and Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman can possibly stay on the same stage with Hillary without being “massacred”!

And only Vice President Joe Biden can truly compete on the same stage with Hillary within the Democratic Party, even though other Democrats have their appeal, but the stature of Hillary and Joe is so above anyone else, and only Huntsman can possibly compete with either of them!

5 comments on “Hillary Clinton Glows And Shines On CNN And Fox News Channel!

  1. Engineer Of Knowledge June 19, 2014 8:19 am

    And those whom detest her should be practicing the phrase, “Yes Madam President”.

  2. Ali June 19, 2014 7:45 pm

    I kind of get annoyed to be honest a lot lately when it comes to people saying Hillary Clinton should be president. The only thing they ever say is first female president and then try to convince you why that would be so good. I don’t recall hearing a lot about what she would potentially bring to the table as far as ideas go. From what I’ve heard the GOP and conservative groups won’t shut up about Benghazi and the Democrats and liberal groups won’t shut up about her being the first female president.

    No one seems to be discussing it in a legitimate way and if they are it’s not the discussions getting the coverage. What further annoys me about the whole thing is that she is going around refusing to answer if she plans to run or not; this after insisting back when she left the cabinet if my recollection is correct that she had no plans to run.

    I’m not saying she isn’t qualified but as far as a primary goes if it’s between her and Joe or anyone else for that matter I wouldn’t vote for her if her basis of running was just to be the first female president. That’s not a sufficient reason in my opinion for her to run or for anyone to vote for her. The way I look at it one minute after she would take the oath of office the first female president thing is over and it’s time to actually lead and I would want to know what ideas she would actually have for that time.

  3. Ronald June 19, 2014 7:56 pm

    Ali, I totally agree with you. I think Hillary is qualified, but we need to hear why she wants to be President, what her plans and motivations are, what she would bring uniquely to the table.

    And frankly, I still prefer Joe Biden, even though he will be 74 in 2016! I just am crazy about Joe, and consider him the most qualified person of any in the country to be President!

  4. Ali June 19, 2014 8:28 pm

    I concur on Joe Biden. I hear a lot of people calling Joe dumb or bumbling but he just wields his charm to such an expert degree that he doesn’t have to use long eloquent speech to get his point across. Prime example was his 2012 debate with Paul Ryan. I point to that for anyone who claims Biden is dumb because Ryan got destroyed in that debate and it didn’t seem like at any point Biden really had to try that hard.

    I feel as if Biden doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone so he doesn’t put up facades like Hillary does a lot of the time. It’s not all of the time mind you but a fair bit more then I would prefer I feel like Hillary comes off just a tad phony and even more often very smug. I like that Joe has such a high level of confidence and positive energy and that I have at no point ever felt like he came across as anything but completely genuine.

    Both have experience that cannot be denied. Both have the age issue as a negative. For me it’s all about the personality then if I’m going to have to choose between two people who really ought to step aside for younger people. Joe simply comes off as more likable than Hillary in my opinion. Those are my thoughts on why I would go Joe over Hillary.

  5. Ronald June 19, 2014 8:32 pm

    Ali, we are twins LOL because I ABSOLUTELY agree with you in every detail you have stated here.

    There is simply NO ONE in American politics quite like Joe Biden. He is the most sincere, decent, humane person I have seen in American politics since the late Hubert Humphrey, my original political hero when I was of college age. Both HHH and Biden were and are totally genuine. Neither had or has a mean bone in his body, but Biden is so much more experienced than Humphrey ever was.

    We would be fortunate to have Joe Biden in the Presidency!

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