The American Presidency Began 225 Years Ago Today, With George Washington Inauguration!

On this day, April 30, in the year 1789, the American Presidency began its history, with the inauguration of George Washington at Federal Hall in New York City, 57 days later than the official Inauguration Day for every President through the first term of Franklin D. Roosevelt!

No one could have known the challenges, the crises, the good and bad moments that every President, all 43 of them, would face over the next 225 years of American history.

This is a day to celebrate, as it is the marking of an important anniversary in the history of the most powerful executive position in any nation which is democratic in nature, whether a President, Prime Minister, or Premier.

We should never forget the sacrifices those 43 men suffered in order to lead us into the future, and to be the leaders of the greatest nation in the world, which must never stop moving toward “a more perfect Union.” We have come a long way from our imperfections, but we still have a long way to go!

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