Day: November 1, 2013

63rd Anniversary Of Only Attempt On A President’s Life In His Home–Truman And Blair House In 1950!

Eleven Presidents have faced assassination attempts, but only one, Harry Truman, on this day in 1950, 63 years ago, had a direct attack on his residence. At the time, it was Blair House, where the Trumans were residing due to renovations on the White House that were ongoing.

Two Puerto Rican nationalists attacked Blair House, while the Trumans were inside, and a Secret Service agent was killed in the process.

This assassination attempt, while it never actually reached to Truman personally, is one of the moments when one must recall that our President, whoever he is, is under constant threat of his life being taken by evil forces.

It is believed that President Obama has an average of 30 death threats, known to the Secret Service, every single day, making him the most endangered President we have had.

The sickness of assassination threats should sober all of us, as we commemorate this day in 1950 when we could have lost our 33rd President, Harry Truman, and a dedicated Secret Service agent, Leslie Coffelt, prevented it with his life!

Conservatives And Republicans Want People To Have Inferior Health Care—AMAZING!

Conservatives and Republicans have viciously opposed ObamaCare, not giving a damn about whether tens of millions of Americans have health care coverage, even though that makes health care more expensive for taxpayers when these people go to emergency rooms, or else these people die, which they seem not to care about!

But, having failed to prevent ObamaCare, and complaining about its difficult roll out, as if they wanted it to succeed, now they are complaining that millions of people with independent coverage, who have crappy health care contracts, are being forced to get new coverage that covers more areas, has lower costs, better conditions, and will prevent people from losing coverage, or be told that preexisting conditions are not covered!

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Fox News Channel right wing talk show host Sean Hannity lead a whole group of charlatans, who are working to mislead consumers, and make ObamaCare an issue that they can exploit for political gain, while working to convince people that they are being exploited, rather than the truth that they are being given a chance for FAR BETTER health care coverage!

These right wingers do not know how to tell the truth, because if they do, they know the conservative movement will recede into the dustbin of history, as not caring about the health care needs of the American people!

Remember that the basis of ObamaCare is both the basis of the Heritage Foundation plan for health care of 1993 and of RomneyCare in 2006 in Massachusetts, but neither source will dare admit the truth, and expect Mitt Romney to say the same this Sunday on Meet the Press, the reason why he had no chance to win the Presidency in 2012! Romney could not tell the truth if he tried, and stands out as the biggest liar of any Presidential candidate in modern history!