Puerto Rican Nationalists

63rd Anniversary Of Only Attempt On A President’s Life In His Home–Truman And Blair House In 1950!

Eleven Presidents have faced assassination attempts, but only one, Harry Truman, on this day in 1950, 63 years ago, had a direct attack on his residence. At the time, it was Blair House, where the Trumans were residing due to renovations on the White House that were ongoing.

Two Puerto Rican nationalists attacked Blair House, while the Trumans were inside, and a Secret Service agent was killed in the process.

This assassination attempt, while it never actually reached to Truman personally, is one of the moments when one must recall that our President, whoever he is, is under constant threat of his life being taken by evil forces.

It is believed that President Obama has an average of 30 death threats, known to the Secret Service, every single day, making him the most endangered President we have had.

The sickness of assassination threats should sober all of us, as we commemorate this day in 1950 when we could have lost our 33rd President, Harry Truman, and a dedicated Secret Service agent, Leslie Coffelt, prevented it with his life!