The Immorality And Lack Of Ethics Of Republicans And Conservatives On ObamaCare!

It is the season for people to be signing up for ObamaCare, and the GOP and conservatives are doing everything they can to try to convince young people NOT to sign up, and discouraging and manipulating and misleading other Americans with their hateful propaganda, claiming that ObamaCare will not work, and that it is going to cause rate increases and undermine the nation’s long term future, all a bunch of hideous lies and mistruths.

One has to wonder how do these people sleep at night, being happy at denying millions of Americans of health care, unconcerned that people will die as a result of NOT having health care coverage!

The Republican Party and conservatives are praying for failure, but ObamaCare will succeed, and the GOP will be at a disadvantage when the American people come to grips with reality, and realize what they have been doing!

And then, the Republican Party will face a gloomy future, as no one who gains health care is going to, unless they are purely stupid or insane, vote for a party that worked to deny what every civilized Western nation offers; decent health care at a much lower cost, saving lives in the process!

4 comments on “The Immorality And Lack Of Ethics Of Republicans And Conservatives On ObamaCare!

  1. Ronald August 28, 2013 3:32 pm

    Oh wow, Jane Doe, thanks for this. Yes, so Robert is a liar and untrustworthy! Not all that surprised!

  2. Maggie August 28, 2013 11:34 pm

    Are we surprised Juan Roberto is a liar???
    Good riddance Juanito… at least until he tries again.
    BTW Professor- excellent entry! Well stated.

  3. John September 30, 2013 1:54 pm

    The Republican idea and platform stems from many false assumptions. I wouldn’t know where to begin. Liberals and conservatives have been at odds with each other for thousands upon thousands of years. Where do we begin? As a student of History and Anthropology I see history as our struggle towards world peace. Liberals believe in world peace, Conservatives do not.
    As anyone the question: Would you like to see world peace? Liberals will say yes, conservatives will say world peace isn’t possible. Grow up, wake up, or something along those lines. The question wasn’t do you think world peace is possible or not, it was would you like to see it?
    World peace is the unattainable goal. But it should be our goal none the less. World peace will only be attained when there is liberty and justice for all people of earth. That requires that there be good government for everyone on earth.
    I support the formation of the United World Republic. I feel that Americans came up with the model for World Peace in the 1780’s. The constitution representative republic.
    The United Nations, like the Continental Congress was, is too weak, it needs to be replaced.
    But like I said that’s just my opinion.
    Thank you for your efforts.

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