Day: August 21, 2013

Lunatic Ted Cruz Declares War On The Federal Government And His Own Republican Colleagues On ObamaCare!

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the Joseph McCarthy rabble rouser of his time, with a weird resemblance in appearance to the Wisconsin Senator who terrorized the nation and his party 60 years ago, has declared war on the federal government and his own Republican colleagues over ObamaCare!

He and the head of the Heritage Foundation, former Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina, have made it clear that the extreme right wing will not “blink” at shutting down the federal government at the budget deadline on September 30, preventing any government payments unless ObamaCare, which is federal law, is defunded. The rhetoric is as if this is the Cuban Missile Crisis, and there is no concern at the effect such a shutdown would have on the US economically, and the image of America in the world, if it is shown as paralyzed and unable to pay debts already incurred.

Cruz, a very dangerous man, is showing himself to be a lunatic, a crazy man, in many ways a domestic “terrorist”, ready to cause total chaos and anarchy if he and Jim DeMint and the Tea Party Movement crowd do not get their way on ObamaCare, which will NOT be defunded, as the Senate and President Barack Obama will never agree to end what is federal law by a majority of both houses of Congress, and endorsed as constitutional by the US Supreme Court!

But meanwhile, Cruz and DeMint are threatening all Republican Senators and Congressmen who dare to have a rational mind, and who will be unwilling to join the right wing extremist chorus for defunding ObamaCare, as they know it will do permanent harm to the Republican brand, and kill any chance of winning the Senate in 2014 and 2016, and the Presidency in 2016.

DeMint has made it clear that every GOP member of Congress, who is not on board, will face a primary challenge, and funding to kick him or her out of their seats in Congress. This is holy war on anyone unwilling to join the whacko Tea Party crowd, setting out to destroy the federal government’s ability to operate!

The time has come for GOP leadership in both houses of Congress to declare they will not be threatened, not be made hostage, not allow DeMint, Cruz, and their ilk to destroy the heritage of the Republican Party!

We will soon see, whether the GOP has guts and courage to work against these demagogues, DeMint and Cruz, but even if they do, the Republican Party is doomed long run, until it purges the cancer of the extremists, and puts Ted Cruz in his place, total repudiation by his colleagues, and censure in the same fashion by the Senate as occurred to his “look alike”, the villainous Joseph Raymond McCarthy in 1954!