50 Days To The Election: Conservatives And Republicans In Panic!

Mitt Romney has exactly 50 days to change the trend of the upcoming Presidential election, and the ship is rapidly sinking, with near abandonment by conservative talk show hosts, Fox News Channel, and other conservative forces, as well as the evidence in public opinion polls.

What many do not realize is that IF Romney were to turn the tide and win, it would not be a relaxing and satisfying time, as it is precisely these right wing forces that have been dogging him all along; have forced him to give up his true identity as a moderate; and made the whole point of a Presidency lose its purpose, which is to BE YOURSELF!

Ultimately, that fact, that Romney has NOT been himself, and would be trapped under control of the far Right, would make his Presidency a living hell—one in which he would be under constant attack by his own side, become captive to Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor and other right wing ideologists, and would have a very unpleasant, difficult term in office, where he would discover that he wished he was back as Massachusetts Governor, having to work with Democrats, who while fighting him, would be more willing to negotiate and talk with him than his own side, which would just keep on making demands and threats, as he would be seen by them as someone not to respect, but to order around as if he was their servant!

The American Presidency would be harmed by Mitt Romney in the Oval Office, because ideology would win out over moderation and reason and sanity!

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