The Republican Party And Rush Limbaugh: Time For Divorce!

The Republican Party leaders are a bunch of total wimps, unwilling to condemn Rush Limbaugh for his outrageous attack on Sandra Fluke for her testimony on contraceptives.

What is wrong with Speaker of the House John Boehner, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, and Presidential candidates Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum?

So far, only THREE Republicans have been willing to go out of their way to condemn Limbaugh–Texas Congressman Ron Paul, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown, and Arizona Senator John McCain, the 2008 GOP Presidential nominee.

The Republican Party has for too long allowed Rush to dictate to them, and many have apologized to him in the past, absolutely outrageous behavior on their part.

Rush Limbaugh has been a bully, a disgrace to talk radio, an embarrassment to civil discourse, and has been given too much license to intimidate critics.

The GOP leadership needs to come out and openly condemn him, just as now eleven advertisers have withdrawn from his program. If not, the voters need to punish them and make their party a marginal party of insensitive, unprincipled male chauvinists!

And Limbaugh’s action to slander Sandra Fluke must lead to a pro bono law suit, not with the intention to enrich Sandra Fluke, but use what is gained in the law suit to support progressive causes that Rush Limbaugh hates. That would be just punishment for this excuse for a human being, who needs to be taken off the air for his transgressions!

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