Romney Tax Plan Worse Than Bush Tax Cuts: The Further Victimization Of The American People!

Anyone who wants to be fair minded knows that George W. Bush bankrupted the nation with the massive tax cuts for the top one percent of the population between 2001-2009.

But now Mitt Romney has a tax plan that is far worse than George W. Bush perpetrated on the American people.

The Romney tax plan would do the following:

1. Millionaires would receive TWICE the tax cuts under Bush.

2. Sixty percent of the tax cuts would go to the top one percent, more than under Bush.

3. Romney claims he wants to balance the budget, but it would not occur with his tax plan, and in fact would raise the debt levels even more than now. There would be perpetual deficits, even with draconian spending cuts.

4. 22 million middle class households with children would pay more taxes, and lose the benefit of higher education tax breaks.

5. Finally, the benefits given the rich through corporate loopholes would be retained, including for oil companies, yacht owners, horse breeders, corporate jet owners, and equity firms such as Bain Capital, making their effective tax rate lower than middle class families.

Mitt Romney’s 59 point plan is a major attack on the middle class, and a further promotion of the elite wealthy, and everyone needs to understand that when they vote for President this November!

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