As 2011 Ends, “Progressivism” Term Grows In Popularity!

As 2011 comes to an end, and we look ahead to the Presidential Election of 2012, the Pew Research Center For the People and the Press has come up with a new poll that demonstrates that the word “progressivism” is more positively seen than any other political term, an amazing development!

“Progressivism” has a rating of 67-22 positive while “Conservatism” has a rating of 62-30 positive; “Liberalism” 50-39 positive; “Capitalism” 50-40 positive; “Libertarian” 38-37 positive; and “Socialism” 60-31 negative!

Of course, Democrats overall look very differently at these words than Republicans, but also younger people under 30 are much more favorable to “Liberalism” than those over 65.

It is odd that “Progressivism” has a much more positive rating with 67 percent, as compared to “Liberalism” with 50 percent support!

The poll demonstrates that there is still great ignorance as to the meeting of all of the above terms, and that younger people in general are more likely to be “progressive” or “liberal”, and assuming they do not have a major change of view as they get older, as those now over 65 pass from the scene, the left side of the political spectrum has the prospect of greater support and success in the future!

And the fact that Republicans in the poll have much greater positive image of “progressivism” (55%) as compared to “Liberalism” (20%) shows particular confusion and lack of knowledge of the meaning of these words, which is NOT all that different!

In any case, as we enter 2012, let’s move forward with “Progressive” goals and values!

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