The Republican Condemnation Of The Poor: Adding Insult To Injury!

The Republican Party has become more venal, more disgraceful, than ever in their 157 year history, with their new tactic of condemning the poor, bringing back reminders of the nineteenth century Gilded Age and the philosophy of Social Darwinism.

Not only are poor people already subjugated by poverty with inadequate or no housing, poor food supply, lack of decent living conditions, and little hope and optimism about the future, with two thirds of the poor being children unfortunate enough to be born into the “wrong” families, but now they are being condemned with the old conservative belief that they are lazy, shiftless “losers” who don’t wish to work for a living, and instead wish to be supported by taxpayers with “luxurious” welfare packages, including Medicaid and Food Stamps, and support for each child born to them.

The fact that Medicaid provides inadequate medical care; that Food Stamps do not provide the means for a nutritional diet; that the amount given for each child’s support is miniscule, and that living in slums, often rat infested and crime ridden, has a psychological effect on children is not considered.

Also, the fact that three out of four adults in poverty actually work, but cannot make enough to get out of poverty and give their children hope for the future, is not pointed out by the critics.

To be poor is a terrible thing, but to be condemned and denounced by people who claim often to be “religious” is enough to make one wish to vomit at the disgrace of many people’s false beliefs and terrible attitudes toward those less fortunate. To kick one symbolically when they are down is reprehensible beyond belief! And it brings up the old saying: “There but for the grace of God go I!”

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