Dedication Of The Martin Luther King Memorial In Washington, DC Today!

Today will mark the dedication of the Martin Luther King Memorial in Washington, DC, between the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials.

It is a magnificent depiction of the great civil rights leaders, and marks the first time we have dedicated a memorial to an African American, who promoted peace and justice and human dignity.

It is a day to realize that King set the conditions that forty years after his death, we would see the election of the first African American President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The memorial will be visited by millions over the years, and it marks one of the great stories of American history, the struggle to end discrimination and recognize that we are a nation of many races, nationalities, and creeds, and that it makes us stronger because of that reality.

This is a day to celebrate and renew our devotion to the positive message and beliefs that he promoted in his tragically short life of 39 years!

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