Day: December 13, 2010

The Battle Over The Democratic National Convention Site For 2012

Very soon, there will be an announcement as to where the Democratic National Convention will be held in September 2012.

The author has written about this earlier, and correctly predicted that the Republican National Convention would be held in late August 2012 in Tampa, Florida.

As stated earlier, the author predicts the convention will be held in St. Louis, Missouri, winning over the cities of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Cleveland, Ohio; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

St. Louis has hosted the Democratic National Convention before, with Woodrow Wilson nominated for his second term in that Mississippi River city in 1916.

St. Louis has the Gateway Arch, an iconic symbol of the nation, and is the major city in a state that is a very clear predictor of the presidential election results, as since 1900, only twice–1956 and 2008–did the Presidential winner lose Missouri. And in both losing cases, Adlai Stevenson and John McCain just barely defeated Dwight D. Eisenhower and Barack Obama.

Missouri will be difficult to win for the Democrats, but it is a crucial state, and holding the convention there would be a boost to the chances of winning the state.

However, having said that, the records show that the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party has won the state in which the national convention was held a total of 23 times, and lost it 22 times!

So there is obviously no guarantee of what will happen in the Presidential election, whether the convention is held in Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, or Minnesota. All three of the other states were won by the Democrats in 2008, but all three, along with Missouri, are in play for 2012 at this stage of the campaign, nearly two years out.

Still, it seems to the author that Missouri and St. Louis are the most likely choice, and it will be interesting to see if he is correct on the Democratic convention location, as he was on the Republican convention location. 🙂

John Boehner, The “Strange Duck” Who Is Second In Line To The Presidency! :(

As of January 5, 2011, Congressman John Boehner of Cincinnati, Ohio, will be the new Speaker of the House of Representatives.

We are learning a great deal about John Boehner, and it is a strange portrait!

In newspaper interviews, and now on a “Sixty Minutes” discussion with Lesley Stahl of CBS, Boehner comes across as, to say the least, a “strange duck”!

This is a man who is known to have gone to tanning salons, and has an almost orange tinge to his skin, but now he denies that he has ever gone to a tanning salon.

This is a man who smokes like a fiend, two to three packs a day, and it is rumored, will allow smoking to be restored to the House of Representatives chamber, after it was banned as unseemly by present Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This is a man who used to tend bar for his father, and is said to go the bars every night around dinner time.

This is a man whose wife chooses to live in Cincinnati, while her husband lives in Washington, DC.

This is a man with a frown often displayed, who can yell with the best, but also is a “weeper” to the point of appearing ridiculous.

Boehner talks about the “American dream”, and how hard he had to struggle, and told Lesley Stahl that he cannot go to any schools anymore and see young children, because it makes him cry to think how difficult it is for them to pursue the “American dream”. His experiences should, if anything, make him wish to do more to promote the “American dream”, but instead he wishes to cut spending for education and other social programs, making success even more difficult for future generations of children, if they are born poor. This just makes absolutely no sense, especially when one considers how Boehner associates with lobbyists who represent wealthy interests, and he has no problem promoting massive tax cuts for the wealthy!

Also, John Boehner rejects the idea of “compromise”, preferring to call it “common ground”, another very weird thing, as politics is the art of compromise. But to believe that Boehner and his party will promote “common ground” is to believe in the tooth fairy, as it is clear that the GOP has no intention of cooperating with President Obama, as after all, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said, the purpose of the Republican Party is to defeat Obama in 2012.

More Outrages By Senate Republicans! :(

The Republican Party is adding to its horrible public image by recent actions, with no limits on their nastiness! 🙁

Having blocked the DREAM Act, unemployment compensation extension, and the 9/11 First Responders Medical legislation, now they have also prevented a $250 bonus to senior citizens who are receiving no cost of living increase on Social Security, despite rising medical costs.

Also, just eight months after the death of 29 coal miners in West Virginia, the Republicans have become the promoters of the mine industry by blocking passage of urgently needed mine safety reform!

Rather than hold mine owners responsible for mine safety, by imposing greater regulation, greater criminal penalties, and liability for damages, and protection for “whistle blowers” who speak out against unsafe conditions, they have done just the opposite!

Massive violators of mine safety, such as the owners of those mines where the 29 miners lost their lives, now know with a Republican House and more Republicans in the Senate next year, they will get off without any penalty for their violating the laws. And this company had 515 violations in 2009, an unconscionable situation! 🙁

What a sad commentary in the 21st century that the most dangerous of all occupations has safety conditions unworthy of any industry, and Republicans sit by and ignore reality! 🙁

Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and even Richard Nixon would be shocked at what has happened to the Republican Party in the past 30 years, and getting worse than ever now in 2010!