Good Sign For 2012: Michael Bloomberg And Howard Dean Dismiss Idea Of Challenging Barack Obama!

Despite the anger in left wing circles over the tax deal struck between President Barack Obama and the Republican leadership, it now seems apparent that no serious chance exists of either a challenge to Obama for the Democratic nomination in 2012, or a serious third party movement from the left.

This conclusion is based on the comments today on the Sunday talk shows by Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City, and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean.

Bot have been rumored to be thinking of a challenge, either third party or within the party, but Bloomberg ruled it out completely and hailed the agreement between Obama and the GOP, while Dean said that he saw no chance of anyone challenging the President within his party, despite some disappointment over the tax arrangement.

All that we need to hear is that soon to be former Senator Russ Feingold make a similar announcement, which he should, as to oppose Obama in the presidential primaries would not be productive, and would only help to bring a right wing Republican to the White House in the 2012 election.

So, except for maybe Ralph Nader running, as he does automatically every four years, each time with far less credibility and performance results, Obama will be in far better shape for the 2012 Presidential election than he would be if either Bloomberg or Dean, or additionally Feingold, were to move ahead to be a candidate!

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