Is Federal Worker Pay Freeze A Wise Action? Not Really! :(

President Obama has initiated a two year freeze on the pay of federal government workers, except for the military fighting our wars!

This cheers conservatives and Republicans, who have been condemning federal workers, and adding to the public image that the “bureaucracy” is being overpaid as compared to the average worker in the private sector, when actually they are being paid 24 percent less on the average!

As usual, though, the Republicans and conservatives are being deceitful, and spreading myth and propaganda, as the federal work force in reality is NOT receiving higher wages as an average! πŸ™

The federal government worker, and the federal government itself, has become a “whipping boy” for the Tea Party Movement, which wants to take us back to the time of small government and low taxes and low spending, except when it affects their interests! πŸ™

The Republicans, conservatives, and Tea Party Movement are pure hypocrites, who have no problem with keeping the massive tax cuts for the wealthy, which have a lot to do with putting this country’s economy in the horrible mess it is now in! πŸ™

Even as they applaud Obama for giving in to their demands, these hypocrites seem to be oblivious to the fact that continuing the massive tax cuts to the super rich will add $700 billion to the national debt that they are constantly complaining about! πŸ™

Meanwhile, what is likely if the pay freeze continues, is the loss of talented, intelligent specialists–a “brain drain”, as it is called! πŸ™

What is meant by “brain drain” is that the top scientists, doctors, lawyers, and technology geniuses who work for the US government for LESS than they could in the private sector, who make a sacrifice to help their country, will decide that they will leave the government and make that great difference in money since the government and the American people do not appreciate their sacrifice!

In other words, the policy of a pay freeze is “penny wise and pound foolish!” πŸ™

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