Sad Culmination Of A Political Career: The Censure Of Congressman Charlie Rangel!

Congressman Charlie Rangel of Harlem has been censured by a 333-79 vote in the House of Representatives today for his financial and fund raising abuses over a period of years, a series of actions which embarrassed his colleagues and damaged his reputation after being Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, and a member of the House for 40 years! 🙁

This is indeed a sad moment for both Rangel and the House of Representatives 🙁

Rangel is seen as a nice guy with a winning personality and real concern for his district’s constituents, but he failed to follow basic ethical rules and was sloppy in his reporting and record keeping, possibly by omission and carelessness, although his critics would say because he has, as any long term Congressman or Senator seems to have, a level of arrogance!

Rangel is one of only 23 House members ever to be censured, which requires House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to read out loud the censure text with Rangel in the well of the House as the action takes place!

The problem is when one investigates the other 22 censures, Rangel’s censure seems less outrageous and not illegal, although certainly unethical!

One wonders if Rangel will remain in the House now, even though his constituents voted him in to another two year term, his 21st, by an 80 percent vote!

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