Texas Governor Rick Perry and The Stimulus Package

Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry has already established a record for longevity in his position, but it has not been a distinguished governorship.

Perry is now rejecting the Obama economic stimulus bill provisions calling for an increased benefit for unemployed Texans,  on the basis that it is interfering with the state’s right to limit those benefits, so as to prevent a crisis in state funding in the future.

Perry is following the lead of other GOP Southern governors including Bobby Jindal of Louisiana,  and also Alaska Governor Sarah Palin,  in creating barriers for aid to the unemployed.  At a time of the greatest unemployment numbers in many decades, and the rapid increases that have occurred in the past few months, it is unconscionable that Perry shows no concern for the lives and welfare of so many Texans.

The unemployed and disadvantaged are being played with for some kind of sick political gain, at a time when the whole nation should be working together to alleviate the suffering of those unfortunate enough to lose their jobs, many of them hard working Americans, who through no fault of their own, have now been thrown into poverty, and discover that their states’s governors have a hard hearted attitude toward their plight.  What a disgrace!

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