Day: March 18, 2009

Is President Obama Trying To Do Too Much Too Soon?

President Obama has been criticized by some observers as trying to do too much too soon, with two months in office to be marked on Friday, March 20.

Public opinion polls, however, still show strong backing of Obama and his agenda.  He is dealing with the banking crisis, the auto industry debacle, the unemployment emergency, plus trying to come up with big changes in energy, education and health care.  He also has by executive order brought about major changes in social policy, and has opened up the possibility of a new relationship with the world, overcoming the negative image that George W. Bush created in his eight years in office.  He also has made a commitment to increase US involvement in Afghanistan, the one area that I feel is a bad choice on his part.

He and his wife Michelle have together made a commitment to address the important economic, social  and foreign policy issues that we face, the worst situation since the Great Depression.  And the President has been refreshing in his willingness to admit shortcomings and take responsibility when and if his programs don’t succeed.  The situation requires the willingness to experiment and to gamble, and  no criticism by the right wing talk radio and television hosts or the remnants of the Republican party in Congress are going to stop Obama.  He is following the lead of Franklin D. Roosevelt, who did not let his enemies deflect him from the work at hand.

So I believe that Barack Obama’s direction, given time, will produce desirous results.  He is NOT trying to do too much too soon, as the situation requires someone with a vision to do great things, and we are fortunate to have Barack Obama as our President at this time!