Obama and the Restoration of Public Confidence

President Obama handled himself very well at his second press conference a few days ago.

He asked us to be patient and to understand that solving the economic crisis takes time, and he answered the criticism that he was slow to react to the AIG bonus issue by stating wisely that he does not believe in reacting on any issue before he has time to understand and think about it.  He also answered a question about whether race comes up at meetings, and his answer was that it has not, as it is not relevant and we have too many important issues to deal with to focus on that.

He showed total command of the questions and continues to promote confidence that he has a sense of where he is moving us.  This press gathering, along with the more recent internet press conference, are having the effect of restoring faith and hope in the future.  In that sense, he follows in the tradition of Franklin D. Roosevelt with his fireside chats on the radio. 

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