God, Michael Steele and the Election of 2012

Unfortunately, it seems we have entered the silly season very early, with Republican National Chairman Michael Steele of Maryland telling CNN that he might run for President if God sends him the message, and that he believes God reveals what he wants one to do.  Steele somehow seems to consider himself the Republican Black alternative to Barack Obama, but he fails to understand that he is NOT on the same level of competency and ability of the President!

This statement brings back memories of Pat Robertson, the TV evangelist, who ran for President in the early primaries and caucuses of 1988, and claimed God was behind his candidacy.  Even with God’s backing, somehow Pat Robertson did not become the GOP presidential nominee (thank you God LOL 🙂 ) , and instead George HW Bush went on to win the Presidency.

Why is it that the Republican party seems unable to have viable candidates, and instead presents foolish, ridiculous aspirants such as Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and now Michael Steele?

If this is the best the GOP can come up with for 2012, then President Obama will have a easy victory!  At this point, only Mitt Romney seems like a serious, rational candidate, but will the evangelical right that considers Mormons such as Romney as NOT Christian, be willing to back him?  That is a major question at this point!

One comment on “God, Michael Steele and the Election of 2012

  1. Micky March 26, 2009 10:23 pm

    Professor, this is by far the worst entry you have made on this blog. Why is it "silly season" if Steele or any other person for that matter attempts to wait for God’s guidance? Based on Pat Robertson, you will now dismiss any and every individual that claims to rely on God?
    Should a Christian scoff at a Muslim who prays to Allah? Should a Jew mock a Christian who believes Jesus is the savior? No. Disgree and present your case, but ridicule has no place in educated discussions.

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