Southern Governors and the Stimulus Package Controversy

The governors of some of the poorest states in the Union, all Southern, have joined Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in turning down some of the stimulus package money made available by the Obama Administration, supposedly based on principle.

This includes Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Rick Perry of Texas, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Bob Riley of Alabama, and Mark Sanford of South Carolina.  These states have such dire poverty and desperately need any federal aid made available, but for political and ideological reasons, their governors are ready to sacrifice their population, in a number of cases for strategy reasons, with the Presidential race of 2012 on their minds.  I am referring not only to Sarah Palin here, but also all the above named Southern governors except maybe for Bob Riley of Alabama.

All I can say is that IF the GOP goes ahead and nominates Palin, Jindal, Perry, Barbour, or Sanford as their 2012 Republican nominee, the party will have committed suicide, and finally will disappear as the opposition party.  These six governors, including Sarah Palin, should be ashamed of themselves, and it is interesting how many of them have incurred the wrath of their own state legislatures. Hopefully, these legislatures will be able to reverse the crazy decisions of their irresponsible governors!

One comment on “Southern Governors and the Stimulus Package Controversy

  1. Micky March 21, 2009 11:25 pm

    Oh my. I’ve always known you to be reasonable Dr. Feinman. I remind you that nearly 50% of our country voted for McCain–obviously the unpopular choice in this historic election. With that in mind, I find it a little amusing that you believe that the GOP will "disappear as the opposition party." Come on, seriously?

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