The First 50 Days of Barack Obama

It is now 50 days since Barack Obama took the oath of office.

Overall, he has made a great start, but he faces many challenges and has already shown evidence that he wants to tackle many things at once.

He has inspired the American people and kept public support despite a rapidly declining stock market.

He has shown the proper balance of judgment and political acumen that is required of a successful President.

We can only hope that the next 50 days will see much more progress and success, but again Obama has had a good beginning and given the American people hope!

His actions in many areas reversing George W. Bush is the best about him, as he has shown understanding of the many injustices that have occurred in the past eight years, and is trying to change the playing field and promote the best in America in many different areas.

One thing is certain:  all Americans, whether they supported him or not, should wish him the best, as his successes will be to the benefit of the nation!

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