Robert Gates’ Comparison of Presidents Obama and Bush

Over last weekend, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, one of two Republican members of President Obama’s cabinet and a carryover from the Bush Administration, was asked on Meet the Press to compare Presidents Obama and Bush.

Gates paused and then said that President Obama is more analytical, that he wants to know what everyone at the cabinet and other meetings feels about the issues at hand, and will ask someone who has not volunteered his or her views.  Bush, on the other hand, while not discouraging feedback, did not have the curiosity to ask those who did not speak up on their own.

This tells us something very obvious:  Obama is a lot brighter, more curious, more intellectual, and is interested in the free flow of ideas.  Bush was just the opposite, but then is that really surprising to anyone who has observed Bush for the past eight years and Obama for the past two years since his Presidential campaign began?  The answer is NO of course, and it proves what many people fail to realize:  It DOES matter who is President.  It changes the course of history in a positive or negative way.  The concept that ignorant people have that no matter who is elected, things remain the same, is totally wrong and shows such people to be totally uninformed.

The nation is fortunate to have a President now who is outstanding in his intelligence, commitment, and desire to bring necessary change!

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