Norm Coleman, Sore Loser: Enough Already!

Former Senator Norm Coleman of Minnesota has dragged out the election battle for more than two months now, denying his state one of its two senators.  He has failed in court to overcome the 225 vote lead of Democrat Al Franken.

Originally, when Coleman led by a small margin after Election Day, he said that Franken should accept the result and avoid a long drawn out court case and the possibility of another Senate election race, which would be costly for the state, particularly in a time of economic difficulty for all states.

Nothing has changed except Coleman has wasted everyone’s time and state money in a fruitless search to gain 226 votes.  To make things worse, now Coleman demands a NEW election, which is totally uncalled for.  Al Franken has been very patient and decent in his struggle with Coleman, while Coleman has shown absolutely no class and  comes across as a sore loser, who is willing to do anything to prevent the seating of the rightful winner, Al Franken.

It is time for the Minnesota courts to put an end to this disaster, and declare Franken the winner and reject the idea of an expensive redo of the Senate race.  Enough is enough, Norm Coleman!  Go into retirement without further ruining your reputation!

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