Senator Ted Kennedy and British Knighthood

Queen Elizabeth II has given British knighthood to Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, an action that has no legal effect in America, but is a nice gesture and honor to a senator who has been a statesman in so many ways in his 46 plus years in the US Senate.

With Senator Kennedy already the third longest serving senator in history, and suffering from a malignant brain tumor, it is wonderful that honors are coming to him to let him know how much he is appreciated for his long service to the United States.

Kennedy has had many controversial aspects to his career, but his reputation and image have improved the longer he has served our nation.  While there will always be controversy about his misbehavior, and particularly about the issue of Chappaquiddick in 1969, Kennedy is already acknowledged by Democrats, as well as by Republicans who disagree with him philosophically, as having had a positive impact on the Senate and having become a major historical figure, one of the Senate greats of all time. No one would say  the same about the two senators who have served longer, the late Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, and still serving Robert Byrd of West Virginia.

We should all wish Senator Kennedy a return to good health if that is at all possible.  If not possible, then giving him his due while alive is very appropriate.

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