British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and a Global New Deal

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown came to Washington and delivered an address before a joint session of Congress and met President Obama at the White House in the past two days.

His message was that,  in the midst of what is becoming a world wide economic downturn, Great Britain and the United States must continue their long time alliance of cooperation and work together on a Global New Deal.  This is an idea that makes total sense, as the worst thing we could do is become isolationist and cut off trade with the world, the mistake we made in the early 1930s, which only made our Great Depression and the world wide depression worse. 

Our century long alliance with our British cousins helped them and us survive military and economic crises, and the necessity is to have both governments continue their close association.  After all, there is no nation on earth that we are closer to and means more to us in history, beginning with the administration of Theodore Roosevelt.  The future economic and military security of the world depends on the alliance of the two leading English speaking nations!

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