A Commentary on Religiosity in America

A new survey that has emerged rates the 50 states by the extent of their religiosity.  The results, particularly on the top and bottom, are very revealing.

The top three "religious" states are Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina.  The least "religious" states are Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

The above statement speaks volumes.  The most "religious" states have a long history of being the most backward economically, the most prejudicial on the issue of race and religion and immigration and the role of women in society.  The least "religious" states are precisely the opposite. 

It is ironic that so called "religious" people have no problem historically in promoting discrimination, hate, prejudice, narrow mindedness and intolerance.  This demonstrates perfectly why religion MUST be kept separate from government policy.  Freedom of religion means the right of everyone to pray as they wish or not pray and believe.  It should NOT mean that they should be engaged in making government policy at any level, as their record historically is a true disgrace when they have been allowed by politicians to have undue influence!

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