Day: January 4, 2009

President George HW Bush on Another Bush Presidency

President George H W Bush was on Fox News Sunday this morning, promoting the idea of his younger son, Jeb, the former governor of Florida, running for the Senate seat of retiring Senator Mel Martinez.

While certainly one can understand that a father tends to be proud of his sons, Bush Sr went further, suggesting that Jeb also run for President one day, as well as serve in the Senate.  He stated that the Bushes believe in "service", but also admitted but not right now or soon, as there may have been too many Bushes already for the time being.

Let’s give credit to the elder Bush that "service" is a good thing, but also agree that now is not the time to talk about a future Presidency.  His blunt statement of "too many Bushes" rings more than true, and despite his fatherly wishes, the thought of a future Bush Presidency is a horrifying thought, even with the clear understanding that Jeb was and is more capable than his brother, George W, who many now think will go down as possibly the worst President in American history.

My thoughts are the Bushes have done more than enough "service"  in the years they have held power, and as was said when Jeb Bush ran for re-election as Governor of Florida in 2002, "eliminate the Bushes, not the trees!"  LOL