Sarah Palin Forms a Political Action Committee

Sarah Palin is back in the limelight, forming a Political Action Committee, which is clearly designed to promote conservative causes but also keep  her in the forefront of the news as she considers an entrance into the national political scene for the next election  cycle.

At a time when the GOP is shown to be strong in only five states, including Alaska, one has to wonder if Sarah Palin is delusional.  Could it be that she is just as delusional as the newly removed former Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, who seems not to have understood how wacky he came across as in the weeks since he was arrested on allegations that he was trying to sell the Senate seat of Barack Obama? 

What is it about politicians such as Blagojevich and Palin that they don’t get it?  That indeed, no one with any common sense has any desire to see them seeking power, that the message they put forth does not ring a bell in voters?  It is indeed sad that we cannot see a sense of reality in them.  Neither has any future worth considering.  Again, with Blagojevich gone, I plead with Sarah Palin–Please be gone!  🙂

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