Rush Limbaugh Should Be Labeled Unpatriotic!!

Rush Limbaugh gets paid $38 million per year to make a total fool of himself, and one has to wonder why anyone of intelligence wastes time listening to him three hours a day, 15 hours a week.

However, as outrageous as he is always,  he has now topped himself by publicly expressing hope that Barack Obama is a failure as President.  At a moment when the country has new hope and inspiration, Rush cannot have the decency to WISH good fortune to our new President.  If Barack Obama is successful, then the nation will be more prosperous and have a better world image in four to eight years.  How can anyone wish bad luck, when it does not only affect the President himself, but ALL of us and the future of this country?

Rush Limbaugh has proved his lack of patriotism and should be boycotted by advertisers and listeners.  Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen, but one could wish the American people would use their common sense.  But then again, with the mood in this country now, there COULD be a backlash!

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