Chris Wallace Should Be Ashamed of Himself!

Chris Wallace of Fox News Channel was just about the only journalist on that excuse of a news cable channel to have dignity and respect in the wider journalistic community.  The son of venerable journalist Mike Wallace, who had sixty years of experience, including forty years with SIXTY MINUTES on CBS until his retirement in the past year,  he seemed to be trying to emulate his father in the sense of promoting quality journalism as the host of FOX NEWS SUNDAY.

He has now lost all credibility and should be ashamed of himself by bringing up the stupid, asinine idea that Barack Obama might not be President because Chief Justice John Roberts botched up the inaugural oath.  How preposterous can one get?  It is a fact that the President becomes the person of power with or without the oath of office at 12 Noon on January 20 every fourth year.  The oath is a formality, not a requirement.  In any case, later today, the President retook the oath at the White House with Chief Justice Roberts, just to nip in the bud any suggestion that he was not the President legally.

I think Chris Wallace owes the President a public apology and needs to avoid commentary if it is going to be totally inane as this ridiculous assertion on his part!

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