The Return of Sarah Palin and “Joe the Plumber”

Here we are in a New Year, and suddenly we have the return of Sarah Palin and "Joe the Plumber" to news headlines.

Sarah Palin is complaining that she was mistreated during the Presidential campaign by the news media.  She seems to be preparing for a Presidential campaign in 2012 by attacking the media for her own faults–that is, her lack of substance and knowledge about just about anything in national and international affairs during the campaign.  She was a tremendous embarrassment to the McCain campaign and lost public opinion support after a brief flirtation because of her being a new personality of attractive appearance.  She seems to think that it was a class issue, because her family comes from a "folksy" background in Alaska, and wonders if Caroline Kennedy will be treated any differently because of her upper class connections.

What Sarah Palin fails to realize, and she would have known if she was informed, is that Dan Quayle, Vice President under the first President Bush, came across as a fool and ill informed  as much as Palin did during the campaign, and he came from an upper class background, which did not help him in public perceptions, anymore than the fact that he was a good looking man.  In both cases, good looks do not make up for intellectual laziness or lack of knowledge and ability.  Also, Caroline Kennedy has been rightfully criticized for her poor public displays since she evidenced interest in a Senate seat, despite her connections to a Presidential heritage, so again Palin is wrong and lacks knowledge of what is going on.  Sarah Palin shows further evidence of why she should NOT run for President or even challenge fellow Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska for her Senate seat in 2010, as she is ill informed and an embarrassment to the political scene and has no reasonable chance to get anywhere in her quest for higher office.  Again, the best advice I could give to Sarah Palin is GO AWAY!  🙂

Meanwhile, we are also plagued by "Joe the Plumber" who is milking his fifteen minutes of fame during the Presidential campaign and trying to extend it!  He is in the Middle East as a so called correspondent trying to investigate and understand the Gaza conflict between Hamas and Israel.  What makes him think he is qualified to investigate this topic, as he has no special education or background in the field and has had no experience as a journalist?  Why is it that he, like Sarah Palin, cannot understand that we have seen enough of them and want them to disappear from the public scene?  Again, "Joe the Plumber", PLEASE go away!  🙂

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