The Minnesota Senate Race

The state canvassing board and state court of Minnesota have ruled that Al Franken, the former comedian on Saturday Night Live and radio talk show host, has won the Senate seat over Senator Norm Coleman by a total of 225 votes statewide.

It is quite clear that Coleman will not prevail in a court suit, and meanwhile the state of Minnesota will suffer with only one senator, at a crucial time where every vote is needed for the Democratic administration of Barack Obama that begins in fifteen days. 

This may not be pleasing to the Republican party, but one cannot contend that the vote recount has been unfair.  Remember that Coleman was ahead right after the election, but a careful, tedious consideration of the close vote and of contested ballots has led to the changing of the result.  How can Coleman claim corruption, when there is no evidence of it? 

It is time for Norm Coleman to do the right thing and gracefully concede defeat and offer his assistance to Al Franken in doing what is best for Minnesotans!

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