Leon Panetta as CIA Director

The appointment of Leon Panetta as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is to be applauded, as Panetta comes to that sensitive position with an impressive resume.

Not only did Panetta have a significant career in the US House as a California Representative, but also he served Bill Clinton for a few years as Chief of Staff, and also was a member of the Iraq Study Group which assessed the Iraq war controversy.

It is true that he has not worked directly in the intelligence field, but he is a very capable man with excellent judgment, and a person such as Panetta is just what the CIA needs after much controversy over use of torture, and the general image that the agency has been involved in illegal, abusive use of its power, something investigated before by the Church Committee in the mid 1970s. 

We need a strong, effective CIA, but also a CIA that lives within legal limits that can be monitored by Congress, and Panetta will be able to restore the moral basis of this very important agency.  It also bodes well for a return to lawfulness by the executive branch in the continuing War on Terror.

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