Endorsement of Barack Obama By Colin Powell

I am very proud of Retired General Colin Powell for his endorsement this morning on MEET THE PRESS of Senator Barack Obama for President, with just sixteen days to go in the presidential campaign.

His analysis of the presidential campaign, and his reasons for endorsing Senator Obama over his long time friend Senator John McCain, are inspiring and will strengthen Obama as he goes into the final stretch of his quest for the Presidency.  It was comforting that he realized that McCain had been erratic in his response and temperament in the past seven weeks since the conventions, and that he had made an unwise choice in Sarah Palin, who Powell declared was clearly NOT ready for the Presidency on Day One, unlike Senator Joseph Biden, Obama’s Vice Presidential choice. 

Powell also made clear his discontent over the tone of the McCain campaign in his campaign rallies and his and Palin’s constant references to William Ayers, rather than focusing on the economy and the major issues that are being totally ignored by the McCain campaign.  Meanwhile, Obama has come across as focused, steady, stable, calm cool, comfortable with himself and ready to take on the responsibilities of the Presidency. 

Also important, as Powell pointed out, is the intellectual nature of Obama’s mind, a man of deep thought and reflection.  Wouldn’t it be a pleasant change to have a President one can fully respect and admire as one of a keen mind and intellect who we could look up to as a model, rather than having a "Joe the Plumber" or "Six Pack Joe" as our leader?  The nation is deserving of such a leader and should soon have what it is clear they want!

Oh, and by the way, I hope sincerely that "Joe the Plumber" goes back into well deserved obscurity.  We have had more of him than one can take.  My response to him is: "Good night and good luck"!  🙂

One comment on “Endorsement of Barack Obama By Colin Powell

  1. Cassie October 22, 2008 6:49 pm
    Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama had given me pause and I’m now entertaining the idea of casting a vote for Obama. I can’t say that I’m %100 on board but Powell’s arguments where so well thought out and made so much sense to me that I can’t blindly cast my vote for McCain without giving Obama some serious thought.  We’ll see…  It’s tuff being an Afridcan-Ameridcan Reuplican but to be an African-American Republican in this election has created a real internal debate for me unlike in past elections. 

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