West Bank

A Half Century Since The Six Day War Of Israel Against Arab Nations In 1967

It is now a half century since the Six Day Arab-israeli War of June 5-10, 1967.

Israel was able to overcome Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, and gain control of East Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Desert, and the Golan Heights.

Israel has had to engage in war since, and lost territory to Egypt in the 18 day Yom Kippur war in October 1973.

It has also had to engage in conflict with the Palestinians and their engagement in terrorism and warfare over the past half century, with the creation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) after the Six Day War.

The Sinai Desert, the Gaza Strip, and parts of the West Bank have been returned, but much of the West Bank, along with the Golan Heights and East Jerusalem remain under Israeli control, and the tensions in the area remain high.

This author wrote a study of the US-Israeli relationship from Harry Truman to Donald Trump, worthy of your attention, with the publication recently on History News Network, and then republished by Newsweek, and both versions are on the right side of my blog.

44 Years Ago: Death Of Lyndon B. Johnson; Abortion Becomes Legal; End Of Engagement In Vietnam War–We Must Learn From These Events!

44 years ago, on January 22, former President Lyndon B. Johnson died at the age of 64, and the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 in the case of Roe V. Wade, that women had a right to abortion in the first two trimesters.

44 years ago on January 23, announcement of an agreement to end US involvement in the Vietnam War was announced in Paris, therefore denying LBJ the ability to know of the peace agreement before his death, in a war that had forced him out of the Presidential race in 1968.

Looking back 44 years and to today in 2017, we can reflect that the Great Society of LBJ is under attack in a massive way, as is the New Deal of FDR. We are going backwards in so many ways under President Donald Trump.

Also, abortion rights are being taken away in many areas and by government policy, and the danger is that Roe V Wade could be reversed in a future Supreme Court decision, once a Trump appointed Justice is added to the Court. So women’s rights to control their own bodies will now face new restrictions, and will lead to more deaths, and abuses.

And our engagement in Vietnam, a massive mistake, has not been learned from, as now there are hints that Donald Trump is ready to send troops to fight ISIL (ISIS), committing us to a massive war in the Middle East, and with Trump asserting yesterday that America might just seize the oil of Iraq for ourselves, which would be a war crime, and a continuation of US imperialism overseas.

This is why we have intervened so much since World War II in other nations in the Middle East and in Asia, as well as Latin America.

And do not be surprised by a move to engage in war with Iran, in support of the right wing government of Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel, and more warfare in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas of the Palestinians.

This is not to endorse Iran, the Palestinians, or anyone else, but to point out, it looks as if we are on the way to another major military conflict, that will cost American lives and make tons of profit for the war industry. And we are likely to see a new generation of American military personnel who end up having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and are unlikely to gain proper medical treatment for that condition.

In many ways, America has learned nothing from our historical experiences, and we are reverting to past mistakes in domestic and foreign policy.

Barack Obama, The Successful Diplomat In The Middle East!

President Barack Obama is finishing a triumphant trip to the Middle East, having visited Israel, the West Bank, and Jordan, and making clear the following:

America will continue to be backing Israel in any threat from any source, including Iran.

The only way to ultimate peace and tranquility is for there to be a Palestinian state alongside Israel, with both accepting the reality of a moderate government that respects the rights of both nations, and gives opportunity to young Palestinians and young Israelis for a future secure and prosperous existence.

Obama was able to convince Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel to apologize to Turkey for an unfortunate naval incident in 2010, therefore helping to restore good relations between the two nations, an important development for Middle East stability.

It is clear that a large portion of the Israeli people, particularly the young, admire Obama, based on the reception he received in his most important speech, one of the greatest of the Obama Presidency. The government of Netanyahu is, clearly, more hawkish than the general Israeli population, but Ohama is working on him to promote hopes for a peaceful resolution, ultimately, of the Middle East conflict!

Barack Obama knows that Netanyahu must deal with him, and Obama now has the upper hand, but with the assurance that America will act, if need be, against an Iranian nuclear threat!

The Case For A Team Of John Kerry And Chuck Hagel As Barack Obama’s National Security Team

President Barack Obama has already faced problems with his thought to appoint UN Ambassador Susan Rice to the State Department, and she dropped out and allowed him to move toward the appointment of Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and 2004 Democratic Presidential nominee, to be his Secretary of State, but not yet announced officially.

But now, his planned but unannounced appointment of former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska to be his Secretary of Defense in his second term as President is meeting resistance.

The point to be made is that any President should be able to choose his team, particularly a National Security team, that fits his desires, and therefore, automatically, the President should be given slack to pick who he wishes.

The opposition to Hagel comes from those in the Pentagon who do not like that Hagel has said in the past that there is waste in the Defense Department that can be cut, a statement which has absolute validity. It is clear that Hagel would widh to “clean house” if he came to the Pentagon, but that is good, and should not be a reason to deny him the post.

Also, the Pro Israel Lobby, and particulary AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), is against Hagel because he has, at times, in the US Senate, been critical of Israeli policy in the West Bank, building Jewish settlements.

While certainly AIPAC can have its views on any nominee, it should not be allowed to deny a President who he wants, and the important point, that is necessary to say again and again, is that under no circumstances will Barack Obama and his government ever allow any harm to Israel, and this was made very clear in the recent Gaza Strip events when the IRON DOME system provided and financed by the United States, saved Israel from greater attack. But our government cannot and should not feel that it can be dictated to by ANY foreign government or pressure group to have to agree one hundred percent on every action and statement of a foreign government!

Also, in favor of Hagel, as well as Kerry, is that both were Vietnam War veterans, and understand the horrors of war, and it is great to have two such men, both having served in the Senate, and possessing great principles and courage, to head our National Security team under President Obama in his second term.

So, hopefully, the soon announcement of the appointments of Kerry and Hagel will be forthcoming!

The Lie About Barack Obama And Israel

For 40 months now, a rumor, and resulting lie, has been spread that Barack Obama is not good for Israel and its security.

Republicans and conservatives have said that Obama is the worst President in history for Israel, and they emphasize that relations between the President and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are frosty at times.

Netanyahu, himself, has cozied up to the Republican Party, since he is basically a conservative in his political views.

But below the surface of what seems to be a breach between Israel and the United States, we now learn that the two nations have been working together to develop cyber weapons to shut down and, ultimately, destroy the ability of Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

This is one of the great collaborations of US history, if one thinks about it, but is often covered up, purposely, in the view of the author of this blog.

It is clear that Barack Obama will go to the extreme to protect our traditional ally, Israel, and that while he and Netanyahu may disagree on details of Israeli settlements in the West Bank, that Obama, who has had more contact with Jews in his life than any other President, and has many Jewish advisers, officially and unofficially, can be relied upon to put the interests of Israel at the top of his foreign policy agenda.

When the history of US-Israel relations under President Obama are written in the future, the “big lie” technique that has been utilized by Republicans and conservatives will be exposed, but already one can see elements of it.

While every President has his critics and detractors, Barack Obama has been subjected to endless attacks and the use of the “big lie” to undermine him, but the truth shall win out, and the critics are still likely to have to deal with the 44th President for another four years, as his efforts for Israel only add to his stature as a diplomat and statesman!