Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI’s Resignation And The Issue Of Age In Government

Pope Benedict XVI’s announcement that he is resigning from office as he nears age 86, the first Pope to do so since 1415, brings up the issue of age in government.

We no longer allow a forced retirement from employment based upon age, as it is seen as discriminatory, but yet the number of people retiring by age 66 is growing in percentage, and many are retiring as early as 62, the minimum age for Social Security, although many might be doing so at that age due to the poor economy of recent years.

When one considers that we have a United States Senator, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, who will be nearly 91 years of age when he plans to run for another six year term in 2014, one has to stop and consider the wisdom of such action.

Lautenberg would be the second sitting Senator running for office in his 90s, after Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, who ran for his final term of office at age 94, and served until he was 100 years of age, but in a debilitated mental condition much of the time in his last years.

And when one looks at the Senate and realizes that 20 Senators are in their 70s, with some like Diane Feinstein starting her newest term at age 79, and that an additional 13 are 66 up to age 70, making for a third of the Senate being of traditional retirement age, one has to think that there should be some kind of age limit for serving in government, which denies a younger generation and “new blood” the opportunity to serve. Additionally, another 23 Senators are between 60 and 66, so will face the age issue within their next term of office.

In the House of Representatives, there are 9 members in their 80s, 32 in their 70s, and 137 in their 60s, making for 178 out of 435 being of retirement age or near it, about 40 percent, as compared to the 57 Senators who are of that age category.

There are those who believe in term limits, but it is more the issue of age limits that can have a deleterious effect on government.

Of course, one can always find exceptions, such as former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens, who retired at age 90, as second oldest Justice in history, and only because he figured it was time. Stevens continues to be totally alert and active at age 93 this April, playing tennis and showing no signs of decline.

But this is the exception to the rule, and it seems worthwhile to, somehow, make an age limit to RUN for office of age 75, meaning out of office by 81 at the latest for high public office, or a Congressman running at age 78 and leaving at age 80.

But, of course, this cannot be legislated, just a thought of what should be understood and accepted, as after all, even the Pope can be replaced, and no one is indispensable, despite their inner ego which thinks such is the case!

Return From Vacation To Horrible News! Mitt Romney, And The Ugandan Catholic Bishops!

Having just returned from vacation in Charleston and Savannah, and only having contributed one entry about the Wisconsin recall election results while on vacation, the author returns to horrible news, making one wonder about humanity!

Mitt Romney has made it clear that if the Supreme Court rules against the Obama Health Care law later this month, he will not protect the millions with preexisting conditions, who would, effectively, left out of health care by such an action.

Romney has also made it clear that he feels the message of Wisconsin is that the American people do not wish to fund more jobs for badly needed teachers, firefighters, and police officers, an unbelievable conclusion based on one state’s results, and a slap in the face of the American people, and the honorable professions that are so essential to the nation, and are being treated as if they are “servants” who can be hired and fired as Mitt Romney loves to do with everyone, due to his obscene wealth, greed, and selfishness!

Mitt Romney is becoming worse by the day, a true monster who comes across as the worst GOP nominee in American history, with his lack of humanity or concern for the needs of the American nation!

The thought that this man without a conscience could actually become President is totally sickening!

But then, the news gets worse, as we learn that in Uganda, the Catholic bishops are endorsing legislation to kill gays or put them in prison for life, a bill already promoted by the evangelical Christian movement, and setting up a situation that would lead to a Holocaust not that different than the one in World War II against gays, as well as Jews and other groups, which was ignored by the then Pope Pius IX!

Pope Benedict XVI needs to condemn this endorsement immediately, and crack down on the Catholic bishops of Uganda, but will he? He is condemning the “radical” statements of nuns who are promoting a open mindedness on many issues within the Church, so can one be assured that he will take steps to crack down on the hate of the Ugandan Catholic bishops?

This is just more proof how organized religion has lost its humanity, and is about to make gays the new victims of a modern day Holocaust in the name of God!

This news about Mitt Romney and the Ugandan bishops is enough to make one wish to go back on vacation, and shut out the cruel world we live in!

Christianity And Science: The Pope Sets An Example!

Pope Benedict XVI spoke up yesterday in the Vatican in support of science and scientists, although he insisted that God created the universe!

This is a step forward by an important organized religion leader, and it should set a standard for other Christians to emulate!

Unfortunately, there are too many evangelical Christian sects who reject science, and preach a narrow view of religion which has, in the past, included a belief in slavery and racial segregation, and now includes anti gay rhetoric in many of these churches! 🙁

Even more unfortunate is the fact that many Republican and conservative politicians and talk show hosts have adopted an anti science view, including refusal to consider the validity of evolution and the reality of climate change and global warming!

There is no reason why one cannot believe in God, but also believe in science, and also see the evil of promoting hate and narrow mindedness in the name of God! Promoting ignorance and hate is a sacrilege in itself! 🙁