Linda Lingle

John McCain And Affirmative Action In Selection Of VP Candidate In 2008

A new revelation has been made by one of Senator John McCain’s campaign managers, indicating that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was added to the Vice Presidential list in 2008 because McCain felt there was a need for a woman on his final list of Vice Presidential possibilities.

But McCain, by doing so, endangered the whole nation with a choice of a running mate, who while a female, was totally unqualified to be a heartbeat away from the Presidency, let alone be on the list as a potential Presidential candidate in 2012!

Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton; she is also not Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas, or former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle, or other qualified women of the GOP in the House of Representatives!

Palin has been a burden on the nation, and the only benefit of her candidacy in 2008 was to enrich her by millions of dollars as she became a celebrity, although with very thin, almost unnoticeable qualifications other than her appearance.

When one looks at the the rest of the list McCain was considering for the Vice Presidency, one can only weep!

On that list were Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Joe Lieberman, Charlie Crist, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City.

ANY and ALL of them would have been far better qualified, and might have given McCain a real shot at winning, even in the midst of the economic collapse of September and October 2008. In any case, we could all have rested easier with the thought of a President Romney, a President Pawlenty, a President Lieberman, a President Crist, or a President Bloomberg than a President Palin!

This shows how the first decision a Presidential nominee makes, who shall be his Vice President and a heartbeat away from the White House, is a crucial test as to his suitability for the White House!

And when he makes the wrong decision, as Richard Nixon did in selecting Spiro Agnew, and George HW Bush did in picking Dan Quayle, it creates nightmares and the need for prayers, as it would have had John McCain won the White House in 2008!

Affirmative Action is fine, as long as the candidate involved is QUALIFIED, which Sarah Palin was not, and is not, to be President of the United States!

Hawaii Settles The Issue Of Barack Obama’s Birth: He Was Born In Hawaii! :)

The “Birther” movement has been very active and refusing to concede that President Barack Obama was, indeed, born in a hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.

This craziness has continued despite contemporary newspaper reports of his birth to his parents. All kinds of people, including some members of the Republican Party, including Michele Bachmann, have been unwilling to drop this farce of an issue!

Orly Taitz, the California dentist and lawyer who has been the titular leader of the “Birther” movement, refuses to give up the fight to declare that Obama is not eligible to be President, because, according to her, he was born in Kenya!

But now, the Hawaii state government, led by Republican Governor Linda Lingle, has made a public statement of the facts of Obama’s birth information, and she has said she personally saw his live birth certificate in the archives, and that no more will the state government react to the nearly 50 requests a month for proof about Obama’s birth!

Realize that this is no Democrat or liberal saying this! It is the REPUBLICAN governor of the state, certainly NOT a liberal, who says this!

So Orly Taitz, Michele Bachmann, and all of the other crazies who continue to promote this issue–it is time to cease and desist, or be considered certifiable for admission to a mental hospital! πŸ™‚