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Republican Party, The Party Of Conservatives Abraham Lincoln And Ronald Reagan: Really, Lincoln A Conservative?

As the Republican Party is imploding, we are hearing Florida Senator Marco Rubio and others talk about how Donald Trump is not a conservative, like Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, and that Trump cannot be allowed to inherit their conservatism.

Really?  Abraham Lincoln  a conservative?  Give us all a break!

Lincoln was NOT a conservative, as he challenged the Establishment of his time in so many ways, including opposing any expansion of slavery!

Lincoln waged war on the South, to prevent their successful secession from the Union, and that is NOT conservatism!

Lincoln moved to promote freedom of the slaves, via the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment, and that is NOT conservatism!

Lincoln promoted a major national government commitment to a transcontinental railroad, and that is NOT conservatism!

Lincoln promoted creation of a national banking system; a national currency; the first federal income tax; the first land grant colleges; the Department of Agriculture added to the Presidential cabinet; the Homestead Act; and set up the first military draft; and all of this list is NOT conservatism!

Lincoln was a Liberal, a Progressive, who believed in the use of Presidential power and authority!

Lincoln became the inspiration for another Republican President, Theodore Roosevelt, who is condemned by conservatives, because he believed, as Lincoln did, in in expansion of federal authority, and assertion of Presidential authority and Social Justice, a la Abraham Lincoln!

That is why it is two Liberals, two Progressives, Lincoln and TR, on Mount Rushmore, because they were NOT conservatives!


The Attack On The Food Stamp Program

The Food Stamp program of the Agriculture Department has been the lifeline for millions of Americans, more so now than ever before, with the terrible economic conditions since the Wall Street crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession!

And yet, conservatives and Republicans condemn the Food Stamp program, and Newt Gingrich calls Barack Obama the “Food Stamp” President derisively.

One would think the Food Stamp program is abused, which is an urban myth!

No one becomes rich on the Food Stamp Program! It is only $130 a month per person on it, far from enough for anyone to eat for a full month. A person to be eligible must make under $11,000 per year, or under $22,000 per family.

It is also interesting to point out that half the recipients of food stamps are children, and ten percent are elderly. And 68 percent of the recipients are white, while most of the rest are African American, with only small numbers of Hispanic, Asian American, or native American participation in the program.

The Food Stamp program issues credit cards that can only be used for certain food items, not liquor and cigarettes, for instance!

It is no fun for anyone to be on food stamps, and it does not mean that anyone is gaining full nutrition monthly on $130 per person for the month.

The conclusion is that there are conservatives and Republicans who would rather have people starve, than feed children and adults who are living in squalid conditions in poverty.

This is Scrooge to the extreme, and disgraceful behavior!

Michele Bachmann And Socialism: The Ultimate Socialist!

Michele Bachmann loves to attack government programs and socialism, and has now called Mitt Romney a “Frugal” Socialist, and Barack Obama an “out of control” Socialist.

While attacking Socialism, however, in reality, Michele Bachmann is the most “Socialist” candidate in the race for the Republican nomination for President, based on actions!

She and her husband have a family farm, and have accepted agricultural socialism or subsidies worth a quarter of a million dollars without complaint, and even by a thank you note to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack!

Also, her husband runs a counseling service to help gays become straight, supposedly, and this is also federally funded!

Hmm, so Michele Bachmann is an “out of control” Socialist, based on actions rather than words!

Which means Michele Bachmann is an “out of control” HYPOCRITE, big time!