CNN Debate

Joe Biden Measured Up To Presidency In CNN Debate, And Inspires With Pledge To Choose Woman VP And Black Woman Supreme Court Justice!

Former Vice President Joe Biden measured up to the Presidency in last night’s CNN debate, while Senator Bernie Sanders performed well, too, but Biden demonstrated that he has no signs of dementia, certainly far more stable than President Donald Trump!

Biden also inspired us with his pledge to choose a woman for Vice President, and an African American woman for the Supreme Court.

Most likely, the VP choice will be Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, and the choice for the Supreme Court will be Senator Kamala Harris of California, although there are other possible choices.

But as things stand at the moment, these choices seem like the best possible selections!

As America Goes Into Panic Mode, Tonight Is The Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders Debate!

As America goes into panic mode, with the totally disastrous handling of the CoronaVirus Crisis by Donald Trump, tonight is the Joe Biden-Bernie Sanders debate on CNN, the last real opportunity for Sanders to attempt to overcome Joe Biden’s lead that was gained in the past two weeks of primaries in 20 states, with Biden winning 15 of the 20 contests.

Already, there are indications that many Bernie Sanders supporters will refuse to back Joe Biden, as many refused to back Hillary Clinton in 2016, contributing to the disastrous Donald Trump Presidency this past three years.

Even without the extremist Bernie supporters who act like children, not adults, insisting on what they want despite the vote of those who engaged in the primaries, Joe Biden seems to have gained independent, moderate Republican, suburbanites, white working class men, women, African Americans, and Latino support that can overcome the prima donnas, who are ready to destroy the ship if they cannot get what they want!

It will be crucial that Joe Biden perform well tonight to overcome the propaganda that he is demented, when we have a dangerous demented and corrupt President.

It is crucial, however, that no matter whether Biden or Sanders end up as the Democratic nominee, that an exceptional Vice President is chosen, as it is likely that either of them might not be able to finish the next term, just as it is likely that even Trump, if reelected, might not last to the end of the term in January 2025.

So the real choice this time is the Democratic VP successor or Mike Pence, and that should be a no-brainer!

The Third Democratic Presidential Debate In Houston: First Impressions

Early impressions are as follows:

Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto O’Rourke, and Elizabeth Warren come across as the best.

Expect that Castro, Buttigieg, Booker, and O’Rourke will rise in polls, and Warren will continue to gain on Joe Biden.

Biden is not doing as well as one would expect, and neither is Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris has likely not gained by this debate, and the same for Andrew Yang.

Amy Klobuchar might gain, but is not shining as much as this blogger thought she would.

Overall, the ABC debate is much better than the two earlier debates sponsored by MSNBC and CNN.

The candidates are avoiding attacking each other, and clearly, any one of the group would be far better than Donald Trump!

Constitution Day Reminds Us Of When We Had Statesmen!

Today is Constitution Day, the celebration of the signing of the US Constitution on September 17, 1787, after four long, arduous months of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

It also reminds us of the great statesmen we had two centuries ago, who overcame disputes and conflicts to do what needed to be done for the nation and its future.

When one looks at the sad reality of two Republican Presidential debates so far, and the lack of statesmanship demonstrated, it is very depressing, as we do not have any sign that the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower is capable of dealing with the domestic and foreign policy issues facing the nation in 2015.

Sure, some of the contenders in the CNN and the earlier Fox News debate come across as “better” than the others, but except for John Kasich, and possibly Jeb Bush, none of them possess real Presidential credibility, while at the least, Hillary Clinton and, if he runs, Joe Biden,  on the Democratic side, display such credibility.

We have a long way to go in the 2016 Presidential campaign, but we are not likely to find another James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman or William Paterson arising to give us hope that statesmanship is widely available!

The Knives Come Out At Republican Presidential Debate: All The Better For Barack Obama!

The Republican Presidential debate last night in Las Vegas, Nevada, sponsored by CNN, saw the knives really come out in the open!

Mitt Romney and Herman Cain were viciously attacked by Rick Perry, Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann. The gloves came off, and the gentle tone of earlier debates is obviously over for good!

Romney handled the attacks quite well, but lost his cool and his smile, and was annoyed at the constant interruptions by Perry and Santorum. Herman Cain kept his cool more, but his economic ideas were ridiculed by Perry, Santorum and Bachmann, with Romney a little more diplomatic.

It makes some wonder if Romney is considering Cain as his Vice Presidential running mate. Certainly, there is no chance of any other opponent being considered.

But first things first, as Romney is not well liked by his opponents, just as in 2008, and will face a long torturous road to the nomination, particularly from Rick Perry, who has the funds to run a long race.

All to the better for Barack Obama, who had to be smiling last night!

Falsehoods At GOP Debate Abound! So What Else Is New?

The Republican Presidential debate last night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California abounded with falsehoods!

Rick Perry claimed that there is a crisis at the border with Mexico, and Michele Bachmann seconded that idea, but that is NOT the case! In fact, records of the federal government agencies show that crime is far lower in cities close to Mexico than they are in the rest of the country’s cities. The cities that have low crime rates include El Paso and Austin, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; and San Diego, California. But it is part of the plan of the GOP to exploit the illegal immigration issue, and instill fear in the American people!

Michele Bachmann said, regarding immigration, that we need to make citizenship difficult as it was in the 1950s and early 1960s, when literacy in English was required; knowledge of American history and politics was mandated; taxes had to be paid on time and accurately; a criminal record would eliminate the chance for citizenship; and having a communicable disease was also ground for refusal of citizenship. The problem with what Bachmann cited is that these are the SAME requirement now, as they were then!

Mitt Romney claimed to create more jobs in four years in Massachusetts than Barack Obama has in two and a half years! Wow, what a whopper that was, as he only created 48,000 jobs, while Obama has created or saved at least TWO million jobs over the past 30 months!

Herman Cain called for a 9-9-9 tax structure, which means 9 percent income tax rate 9 percent corporate tax rate, and 9 percent national sales tax, claiming that would raise enough money and be totally fair to everyone! Really, what a whopper, as a national sales tax would hurt the poor and the middle class much more because they spend almost all of their income on things, while wealthy people save a lot of their income. And Cain wants no estate tax and no capital gains tax, which means more distortion of national income in favor of the rich!

Ron Paul shocked many by openly criticizing Ronald Reagan on much that he did, and calling for cutbacks on federal regulation and enforcement in areas that almost everyone recognizes need federal involvement, including education, health, natural disasters, and corporate practices!

Only Jon Huntsman avoided any inaccuracies or ridiculous statements, seeming very statesmanlike, reasonable, and sensible. Despite this, just about everyone in the news media seem to be ignoring him, seeing him as not a major factor in the race.

This is folly, as John Kerry and John McCain proved in 2004 and 2008 that making judgments in September, and going by fluctuating public opinion polls, is a major mistake.

Some observers are saying that if Huntsman fails to gain in the next polls over the weekend, that he will be dropped from future debates, although he is scheduled for the CNN debate next Monday. It would be ironic if the Fox News Channel debate a week later saw editorializing by that channel, and led to Huntsman being eliminated from that debate. But if that happened, the answer would be: What else is new?

The Week Of Reckoning For GOP Candidates–Three Challenges

The week from today, Labor Day, through next Monday, will have a dramatic effect on the Republican race for President.

Today, in South Carolina, six of the candidates (all but Rick Santorum and Jon Huntsman) will participate in a Palmetto Freedom Forum, in which each candidate will sit on the stage for 21 minutes, and have questions shot at them by South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, Iowa Congressman Steve King, and conservative constitutional scholar Robert George of Princeton University.

DeMint will ask questions on how to make government smaller, while King will challenge the candidates on the subject of immigration. George will touch on the hot button social issues: abortion, gay marriage, and affirmative action. He is also likely to ask questions about federalism, the idea that some government agencies on the national level are not needed or allowed under the Constitution, such as the Education Department.

This is the kind of challenge that could make or break candidates, and then on top of that, there are two debates by next Monday night–one sponsored by MSNBC on Wednesday and the other by CNN next Monday, and it gives Rick Perry his first time on the national stage debate; but also allows Jon Huntsman his last real chance to start gaining notice and move up in the national polls; Michele Bachmann the chance to outshine Perry; Mitt Romney the chance to come back from second place in the polls after seeing Perry rise above him; the opportunity for Ron Paul to look like more than a fringe candidate; and the last chance for Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and Rick Santorum to look as if it is worth going on as candidates.

So this next week is one in which Sarah Palin will be watching, and probably being thankful she has not entered the Presidential race, and solidifying her decision to stay out of it, as running for President is for those who are unafraid of challenge, which Sarah obviously is, having quit as Alaska Governor in the middle of her one term!

Mitt Romney Looked Presidential In CNN Republican Debate

There is no question that former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney looked Presidential in last night’s CNN debate in New Hampshire.

He had clear, crisp answers, and defended RomneyCare in Massachusetts, while making it clear that in his view it should not apply to the national level in ObamaCare.

Romney was calm, cool, confident, relaxed and smiled a lot, even while standing next to Ron Paul, who is the antithesis of everything he represents.

One could imagine Mitt Romney being on the same debate stage with President Barack Obama.

No one in the White House should underestimate Mitt Romney, but one must realize that the real test will come when Jon Huntsman and Rick Perry, if he decides to enter the nomination contest, actually participate in debate with Romney.

But a great start for Mitt Romney, with great promise for the future!