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Mitt Romney And American Society: In The 1950s! Mitt Romney And Foreign Policy: In The 1980s!

Now that Mitt Romney has the GOP Presidential nomination, we are realizing that he is back in the 1950s, as far as American society is concerned, and back in the 1980s, as far as American foreign policy is concerned!

One might wonder, what does the author mean?

Well, socially, Romney’s family is a 1950s family: a dutiful wife who has never worked for pay, only as a mother and housewife; having a large family of five children; the five sons being well behaved and never getting into trouble; no question of unhappiness or conflict or divorce; very religious; and living a comfortable, suburban life! This is the image of the 1950s, when women knew their “place”; when children did not use illegal drugs or get drunk or even smoke if they came from a “good” family; and minorities were seen, but not heard, and there was very little direct contact with them.

Well, foreign policy wise, Romney is in the 1980s, with the image of the Cold War under Ronald Reagan; with the Russians called the Soviet Union, and seen as an “evil empire”; with the Soviets controlling Eastern Europe, including the nation of Czechoslovakia, and Eastern Europe enslaved by the Russian armies.

Top aides to Romney have used the term “Soviet Union” recently, as has Romney, forgetting that the Soviet Union disappeared in 1991, and while Russia is certainly a nation to watch and keep track of their activities, they are certainly nothing like the old “Soviet Union”, do not control Eastern Europe, and do not even control all of the separate provinces that are now independent nations.

Also, the references to “Czechoslovakia” are truly laughable by Romney aides on foreign policy, as that nation broke up peacefully 19 years ago, in 1993, into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is the same mistake made by Senator John McCain, the 2008 Republican Presidential nominee!

One would think that a candidate for President, and his top advisers, would know the true story about Czechoslovakia!

One would also think that a candidate for President would realize we are not in the 1950s regarding the family, the role of women, and the reality of minority groups in America!

So one has to say, is this what the nation wants in 2013 and beyond: a candidate socially in the 1950s, and foreign policy wise in the 1980s Cold War mentality? One would hope the answer is NO!

The Gap Between College Education Needed And The Response Of College Age Population, Particularly Males: Danger Sign For The Future Economic Growth Of America! :(

With the unemployment rate rising from 9.6 percent to 9.8 percent, over 15 million people out of work, and over 6 million out of work for a long term, the nation is faced with the reality that college graduates or higher earn far more than others, and have a very low unemployment rate in this horrible economy!

At the same time, African Americans and Hispanics, and those with less than a high school diploma, or even those who finish high school but achieve no higher level of education, are faced with an extremely high unemployment rate and little hope of a real employment opportunity anytime soon!

In the midst of this crisis, we are finding a larger number of high school students no longer aspire to college education, and that this is particularly noticeable among males, who now comprise far less than a majority of college level students!

Women are becoming more educated, and gaining better pay than in the past, and have a lower unemployment rate than men, and this is also adding up to fewer marriages, with women no longer feeling the need to marry because they can support themselves, and less resistance to the idea of having children out of wedlock!

As Time Magazine stated in a recent issue, women don’t need to marry for money, and neither men nor women need to marry for sexual relations, so marriage is a declining institution, as well as the goal of many young people, and particularly males, to gain a college education, which would improve their chances of keeping a job and avoiding unemployment!

This is a social problem that plagues America and will adversely affect its long range future, unless we can convince young people of the importance of education in their lives!

Educational Reality: Women Surpass Men At All Levels Of Degrees!

A growing trend in recent years has now become even more evident: Women in much greater numbers are attending colleges and universities, and finishing bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees at greater rates than men in most fields!

This is a fantastic development for women, and can be attributed to their work ethic, their ambition, their realization of the need to be self supporting, and their level of maturity and responsibility!

But at the same time, this is a sad commentary on what is happening nationwide to college age males, who more than ever are delaying or totally skipping higher education, and instead choosing to go into the military or learn a trade if they are responsible, or unfortunately, in many cases, going from low wage job to low wage job and thinking of work as a means to just meet minimum responsibilities and concentrate on having fun, therefore demonstrating lack of responsibility and maturity! πŸ™

This poor attitude on the part of males may be connected to the fact that many have not had a father in their lives, or if so, not a good role model! It is also partly the attitude that many males seem to have, that it is not “cool” to be a good student and to be educated!

It makes one wonder if many women now foresee a future of a career without children, as the normal view is that women wish to marry up in social and economic terms, and that may not be possible with the growing poor attitude toward work, education and career being demonstrated by many in the younger generation of males! πŸ™

This is indeed a long range problem for America–the lack of ambition of many young men who think life is just partying and fun! If it continues, it is the downfall of traditional American values! πŸ™