Could The Problems With ObamaCare Hurt The Democrats In Midterm Elections In 2014?

The massive problems with the roll out of ObamaCare could hurt the Democrats in midterm elections coming up in November 2014.

The Republicans, by their shutting down of the government, were on the defensive, but now the unbelievable troubles with ObamaCare seem to be wiping out the edge that the Democrats had just two months ago.

It is clear that the American population is changing its views on government and major issues, based on each new controversy which arises, and that anything could happen eleven months from now.

It is also evident that IF the American people could defeat all incumbents, they would do so, and that many, at least in theory, would like a new political party.

But the American system of government is such that the reality of defeating incumbents is very difficult, and only a small percentage will be defeated next year. At the same time, having new political parties that can compete for power and influence is nearly impossible, as our party system, with its ups and its downs, has not changed in 160 years when 2014 arrives next month.

We are in a very difficult period politically, and trying to predict the outcome of the midterm elections, and even the Presidential race of 2016, has become ever more something one would not wish to bet on!