Public Opinion Poll Opposes Supreme Court Campaign Financing Decision

A very interesting poll came out this week, demonstrating that the Supreme Court really struck out, when it voted 5-4 in January to allow unlimited political campaign spending by corporations and labor unions.

An astounding 80 percent of those in the Washington Post poll opposed the decision, with 65 percent vehemently opposed, and 72 percent want legislation to restore the controls on spending. 85 percent of Democrats, 81 percent of Independents, and 76 percent of Republicans feel the decision was a bad one.

There is bipartisan support for legislation on this subject, and yet the Republicans in Congress hailed the decision as a victory for “free speech”. So the GOP is again in the minority, even with its own supporters, on this extremely unpopular decision of the Supreme Court.

Republicans and business groups say it levels the playing field in the struggle against labor unions and liberal interest groups. But even three fourths of self identified conservative Republicans agree action must be taken to limit the effects of the Court decision.

So again, the Republican party in Congress is working against the will of the people, and yet, they seem to think that they are going to win control of both houses of Congress or come close to it, and also the White House in 2012. Are they living in illusion and a state of unreality? Very likely!

Meanwhile, legislation is being readied by Senator Chuck Schumer of New York and Congressman Chris Van Hollen of Maryland. Let’s hope some kind of legislation is passed, although, of course, it will have to overcome a likely GOP filibuster in the Senate! 🙁