World War II Losses

What If Donald Trump Had Been Removed From Office On February 5, And Mike Pence Was President?

On the day eight and a half months into the COVID 19 Pandemic, as we have reached 250,000 deaths and reached an all time high of 189,000 new infections, one looks back at the Impeachment Trial of Donald Trump, which ended the day before the first reported death.

If the Republican Party had abandoned Donald Trump, they would have regained some of their lost dignity and respect, but instead, only Mitt Romney voted to remove Donald Trump from the Presidency.

Had Trump been removed on February 5, 2020, Mike Pence would have become President, and one would like to hope that he would have pursued a different direction relating to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Had he done so, it is possible to believe that Pence might have defeated Joe Biden in this month’s election, but we will never know what he might have done, and the reaction of voters.

So instead of having a sharply lower death total, we have the reality of as many deaths as the military suffered in World War II, but in less than nine months, not nearly four years, a tragedy of massive proportions!