Working Mothers

The Controversy Over Ann Romney: A Cover For The Horrible Record On Women Of The Republican Party!

Ann Romney, the wife of Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, is a very attractive and pleasant lady, without doubt.

Ann Romney is, obviously, a great mother, who has nurtured five handsome, accomplished sons.

Ann Romney is a wonderful wife to Mitt Romney, very dedicated to his success and advancement, and wishes to make him happy.

There is no debate about the goodness of Ann Romney, and were she to become First Lady of the United States, she would fulfill the roles of that position with grace, dignity, and class.

The controversy over Ann Romney, stirred up by Democratic operative Hillary Rosen, while regrettable, is really quite ridiculous on its surface, however.

Hillary Rosen, NOT a spokesman for the Obama Presidential campaign, simply said that for Mitt Romney to say that his wife can provide him with a real indication of the problems of American women, is preposterous, and that is totally a true statement!

Ann Romney, like her husband, Mitt Romney, does not and cannot understand the reality of life for middle class and poor Americans, no matter how hard they try, and to claim she is an expert on women’s needs, based on the fact she is Mitt’s wife, is ridiculous to the sublime!

Ann Romney has not experienced what 99 percent of other women face–the daily problems of how to keep a family going in a country in which most women need to work, besides those who desire to work, and a country in which there are too many single mothers who struggle every day to be good parents, while juggling the bills and two to three jobs in many cases.

Ann Romney is a privileged aristocrat, very fortunate and blessed to have a situation that very few women will ever have, and while she may have done some volunteer work, that is not the same as facing work, PLUS child care.

One has to wonder whether Ann Romney really brought up her own sons all on her own, without paid help! It is hard to believe that a man with such wealth growth did not provide staff to help his wife bring up their sons.

And as tough as her five sons might have been at times, being kids, it is hard to imagine a strict Mormon family in which the kids are that unruly and disrespectful, as to make her life that difficult and challenging!

There is no debate that being a full time mother is a tough job, and the most important job a woman can have. But very few women today have the ability to just be mothers, and not also have to work, so if one is doing both, it is automatically rougher than what Ann Romney had to deal with on a daily basis!

We can give tribute to Ann Romney as a great mother with great sons, but it must be accepted that her life was NEVER as tough and complex, as challenging and overwhelming, as the middle class or poor couple, or middle class and poor single mothers, trying to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life that most American parents, and single mothers, face!

What is clear is that the Republican Party has so messed up their relationship with women, and the issues that women care about, that now they see an opening to put the Obama Presidency on trial, as if saying that a housewife such as Ann Romney has an easy job, a false and petty assertion, is enough to make them look sympathetic to women, and make them look great as Mother’s Day comes this Sunday!

Just face the facts: Ann Romney is very privileged, fortunate and thankful for her circumstances, and good for her!

But the reality is that Ann Romney lives in a parallel universe, which only a small sliver of women in America join her in, and it is still the fact that the GOP has declared “war” on women, without, of course, using that term. But it is fact, not myth, and the Republican Party will suffer in November because of their self imposed harm and damage, demonstrating suicidal tendencies on what women will accept from politicians in the 21st century!