Women’s Lives

Women Have Changed, And The Republican Party Needs To Adjust For Viability In Future!

It is obvious that many Republicans and conservatives long for the “good old days”, back in the 1950s and earlier, when women as a group were:

Often married at a very young age, often not even a high school graduate. and subject to their husband’s whims, including difficulty being divorced if necessary.

If working, women were most likely office workers, teachers, nurses, but only until children came along.

It was thought to be unnecessary that women attend college and become professionals.

Women allowed their reproductive lives to be controlled by their husbands or fathers.

Women tended to avoid speaking up for themselves, as that was not “appropriate”, and they had little say on their existence, and had few legal rights.

How times have changed, as now women:

Marry, if at all, at much older age on average, and only when they can support themselves, if needed, and able to divorce without much trouble, if necessary.

Women attend and graduate colleges and universities at higher rate than men.

Women are a large portion of all professionals, and even in the military, politics and religion when they can overcome tradition.

Women demand control of their own reproductive lives, instead of leaving it to their husbands, boyfriends, and fathers.

Women have been able to gain totally equal legal rights, and demand what has not yet occurred, equal pay for work.

Until and when the GOP and conservatives come to grips with reality, they are doomed politically, as the vast majority of women are NOT going to live back in the 1950s anymore!