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The Future Is What Matters, Not the Past: Message To Barack Obama!

President Barack Obama has been having a rough patch lately, and many people in his own party, as well as the Republican opposition, have been critical of his criticisms of the Bush Presidency, saying it is time for Obama to stop blaming Bush and take responsibility for mobilizing the nation to a better future!

While one needs to talk about history, that will not be enough to win the Presidential election this fall!

Instead, what must be done is demonstrate to the American people what the future will be, contrasting his own vision and hopes, looking to make America a better, fairer place for all, and show how Mitt Romney will be unsympathetic to the problems of the vast majority of Americans, and is only going to take us back to the Gilded Age and 1920s, and creating the greatest maldistribution of wealth in a century.

If the majority of middle class people, suffering and declining rapidly, can be made to understand that Mitt Romney has no clue as to how to create jobs, and to understand that Wall Street and wealthy billionaires have no one except themselves that they care about, then Barack Obama will sweep to victory in November by a massive margin!

Obama must be on the offensive in painting the gloomy future of a Romney Presidency, and the gloves must come off and stay off, and be replaced by a punching, aggressive manner! Being a nice guy will not work, and Obama will have more respect if he fights like Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman did in the 1930s and 1940s!

We need a “Give Them Hell” Barack Obama and fast!