Voting Blocs. Presidential Election Of 2012

Likely Voting Blocs For Each Side In Upcoming Presidential Election Of 2012

With the Presidential Election of 2012 now exactly 12 weeks from today, the likely results by voting bloc are as follows, meaning a majority of a particular bloc will side with one or the other Presidential tickets, with no special order of listing:


Self Identified Progressives and Liberals
African Americans
Secular Voters
Senior Citizens
Middle Class (loosely defined)
Working Class (loosely defined)
Urban Voters
Labor Voters
Young Voters Under 35
Gay and Lesbian Voters
New England and Middle Atlantic States, except maybe New Hampshire
Pacific Coast States and Hawaii
Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada (swing states)


Self identified Conservatives
Evangelical Christians
Catholics (loosely defined)
Cuban Americans
Wealthy Upper Class
Rural Voters
Suburban Voters
Corporate World Voters
Gun Owners
West Virginia, Kentucky
Most of Southern States, except for Virginia, and maybe Florida
Great Plains States
Mountain States, except New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada

It is possible some groups or blocs have been left out, but this is a fairly good list of categories, and I welcome discussion and debate on this post!