US Secret Service Protection

Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Secret Service Protection, And American Taxpayers

Ron Paul is still, technically, in the race for the Republican Presidential nomination, but has refused Secret Service protection, not wishing to bilk taxpayers for the cost of protection.

Newt Gingrich, technically, is still a candidate for the Republican Presidential nomination, but like Paul, has absolutely no chance to be the nominee of the party.

But Gingrich insists on keeping Secret Service protection at taxpayers’ expense until the Tampa Republican National Convention in late August.

This protection costs the taxpayers close to $40,000 a day, the equivalent of the average American’s annual salary. So if Gingrich does indeed continue to have Secret Service protection for another four months, it will cost taxpayers almost $5 million, at a time when his party complains about any expense of the federal government.

Why is Gingrich insisting on protection? It is clear that it is because Newt Gingrich is an arrogant egotistical maniac, a person loves to talk about how brilliant and important he is, and has no concern about saving the government money.

Maybe also it is because Gingrich knows he has made enemies with his rhetoric and divisive behavior over the years. Well, that is HIS problem, because he refuses to ride into the “sunset”!

Also, maybe he feels a need to have Secret Service protection to prevent against another penguin assault on his finger! LOL

Seriously, there is NO reason for Gingrich to be protected anymore, and he should be denied security coverage! Let him hire his own protection, as President Richard Nixon did in his later years.

And this is a moment to applaud and hail Ron Paul for his totally different perspective, wishing to save the taxpayers money. Thanks so much, Ron Paul!